Marítima Sureste has the certificate of Authorized Economic Operator (O.E.A.) at its broadest level (O.E.A.F.). This certificate, granted by the Customs Dependencies service of the A.E.A.T. ensures that our company meets the most rigorous criteria in information systems management, merchandise security, compliance with customs regulations and economic-financial management.
The recognition as Authorized Economic Operator provides numerous advantages such as the reduction of physical and documentary controls in Spanish customs, guaranteeing security and protection throughout the logistics circuit.
The continuous improvement of the quality of our services is one of the fundamental pillars of the organization and since the implementation of ISO 9001, work methodologies and company communication have been improved, which has helped to reinforce the image facing our customers.
Likewise, in Marítima Sureste we have a great commitment with the environment and thanks to the implementation of the environmental management system ISO 14001 and the acceptance of the Commitment to Sustainable Development of the Region of Murcia, we have optimized the management of resources and waste.
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